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Welcome to the RSS (SMS polymerization) content services.

Faster-government information, services, information about the website of the Ministry of Agriculture for the convenience of the reader, we have launched a RSS (content syndication) service.

The advantages of RSS Subscribe to RSS feed function within the browser RSS reader or have you simply interested in the part, you can automatically obtain immediate coverage information. It can help you keep abreast of the latest developments.

What is RSS?

RSS is an abbreviation of the English Really Simple Syndication (SMS aggregation), is an easy way to share content between sites. Its principle is that some of the site's content, such as title, link, some text or even text converted to XML format information to other sites feeds.

By subscribing to the RSS channels you instant access to the latest information provided by the multiple website channels, instead of on each page, one inspection.

List of RSS Feed

Address can be added to the RSS reader
Message from the Minister
Leaders of MOA
Institutions under MOA
Social Organizations under MOA
Laws and Regulations
Policy Interpretation
Administrative Licensings
Monitoring & Early Warning
Price Information
Conference & Exposition
Asia and Africa
America and Oceania
International Organization
CPC No.1 Document
12th Five-Year Plan
Animal Health
Agri-product Quality and Safety
Featured Agriculture
Crop Production
Green food
Animal Husbandry
Organic Food
Agricultural Processing
Agricultural Machinery
Pollution-free Farm Products

About RSS reader software

By keyword search (for example, "RSS Reader"), you will find a lot of RSS reader software on the Internet (or free) available for download. Good RSS reader software is installed, you can press the tips, copied directly interested in the RSS Feed URL to read software subscription information. So that you can receive the latest information we publish.