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7.Regionalization of Competitive Agricultural Products

DATE:2009-06-05       SOURCE:

7. Regionalization of competitive agricultural products


Now, competitive agricultural products have been gradually concentrated on producing areas where the optimum growing conditions exist. As a result, crop zones and industrial belts with distinctive features and advantages have come into being, so have some key products and pillar industries with certain scale in many places. There are some example, such as vegetables in Shandong Province, cotton in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, winter melons and vegetables in Hainan Province, green food in Heilongjiang Province, apples in Shannxi Province and coarse grains in Shanxi Province. In the three major regions in east, central and west China, a proper regionalization has emerged in agricultural development. In eastern parts, the coastal areas and outskirts of some large and medium-size cities have made great progress in export-oriented agriculture. Due to advantages in grain production, the central parts have gradually developed into production and processing bases for animal products. Western parts and ecologic fragile areas have made faster progress in developing ecological and feature agriculture. In order to push forward development of industrial zones for competitive agricultural products, MOA has prepared the Regionalization Programme for Competitive Agricultural Products. By taking into consideration the market demand, natural resources and industrial basis, the programme makes an in-depth analysis of the comparative advantages of major agricultural products, and identifies development priorities and measures to make full use of such advantages of various agricultural products under different categories. It emphasizes the rational arrangements of competitive agricultural products in producing areas where the optimum growing conditions exist to concentrate competitive agricultural products on the most suitable areas, and the development of scale advantages to form industrial zones or regions. Emphases are also placed on developing industrial systems, prolonging industrial chains and promoting upgrading of industries. As development priorities, the program has selected 11 competitive agricultural products of wheat and maize for special purposes, high-oil content soybean, cotton, double-low rape, double-high sugarcane, citrus, apple, milk, beef, mutton and aquatic products, and 35 producing areas with optimum growing conditions. Up to now, China has identified 13 varieties/breeds and 41 producing areas with optimum growing conditions, which would serve as a blue print for optimizing agricultural regeneration nationwide.

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