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DATE:2012-05-03       SOURCE:

Product Name: Tea


·Enterprise: Anhui Qianshan Tianzhu Mountain Tea Industry Group

· Origin:

·  Product Category: Sugar, tobacco, tea

·Product Specification

·Registration No. of Special Agricultural Product Origin

·Pollution-free Food Certification No.WGH-10-00655

·Green Food Certification No.

·Organic Food Certification No.

·Other Certifications:




Product profile: Tianzhu Jianhao is created in 1985 and ranked top in Nanjing National Famous Tea Evaluation by its “excellent quality and unique flavor”. It was awarded “Chinese Famous Tea” and won silver prize in the first China Food Expo in 1988 and “Chinese Famous Brand” in China International Agriculture Expo in 1999. It obtained green food certificate in 2002 and won the title of “Top 10 Famous Tea Brand in Anhui” in 2005 in the first Anhui Tea Industry Expo. It is grown in 10 towns near Tianzhu Mountain, the national scenic spot where excellent ecological environment exists. Its raw materials are from suitable tea trees within Qianshan County and it is made by specific processes. It is well known for “green leaves, clear soup, mellow smell and strong taste”.


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