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Tianjin Fisheries Group Co., Ltd.

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Tianjin Fisheries Group Co., Ltd. is a key leading company in agricultural industrialization at national and municipal levels and the president unit of Tianjin Aquaculture Association. It has 42 share holding companies based on the forms of wholly-owned, holding or joint venture. It mainly involves in food, fruit and vegetable cold storage, warehousing, logistics, feed production, ocean fishing and transportation, property management, beverage production, investment guarantees, international trade, taxi business and so on. The group has established its famous brands such as Mufeng “Sanguan” feed, Laocaidao, Chenleng, Jinhui, Rijin Beverage, and Feiyada and so on. Its brands have larger market shares and enjoy better reputation in related fields. The group has 250,000 tons of cold storage capacity, contributing to 70% of total in Tianjin, ranking the top. Xinhuiyang Cold Storage Base has 120,000 tons of cold storage capacity and 15,000 square meters of trade hall, which is the biggest cold storage and trade base in Northeast China, North China and Northwest China. The company has a super-cold storage base with ten thousand tons of capacity, providing different-temperatures storage requirements at 05℃, -18-25℃ and -55℃. Mufeng Feed Company is an outstanding member and the executive director unit of China Feed Industry Association, the secretary unit of Tianjin Feed Association, and an outstanding enterprise at municipal level. The “Huaguan”, “Muguan” and “Shuangguan” concentrations and premixes are produced based on high technology, which are green, safe, and environment-friendly. They are famous brands in Rim-Bohai Sea area. “Muguan” feed has been awarded famous agricultural brand in Tianjin. In 2001, the company was identified as pollution-free feed enterprise in Tianjin and in 2006 it was identified as a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization by municipal government.
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