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Tianjin Kerun Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.

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Corporate Introduction:


Sponsored by Tianjin Agriculture Science Institute, Tianjin Kerun Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianjin Kerun) was registered on November 28, 2001 with registered capital of 55 million RMB based on the structure of former Tianjin Cucumber Research Institute and former Tianjin Vegetable Research Institute.. The company focuses its business on vegetable cultivation, involving in seeds, seedlings and related technology cultivation, production and sale; high-tech for agriculture development and achievement transformation, agricultural technology consulting, training service; sell-operation and agent for various commodities and technical import and export. The company has two subsidiaries: Cucumber Research Institute and Vegetable Research Institute of Tianjin Kerun Agriculture Science Technology Co., Ltd.. Tianjin Kerun Company is the second batch of national key leading agricultural industrialization company identified by eight ministries and commissions including Ministry of Agriculture, the import and export company certified by Ministry of Commerce, the technical innovation center for national Spark Program, the high-tech company identified by Tianjin government, the top 10 high-tech enterprise, the first batch key leading agricultural industrialization enterprise at municipal level and the authorized organization for good vegetable seeds cultivation and vegetable cultivation technology engineering center of Tianjin. Kerun Company has more than 80 registered trademarks and 12 famous brands in Tianjin. “Jinchun”, “Jinyou”, and “Feng” trademarks are identified as famous trademark in Tianjin. 

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