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Tianzhu Mountain Tea Industry Group, Qianshan County, Anhui Province

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Taking Qianshan County Tianzhu Mountain Tea Development Co., Ltd. as the parent company, Anhui Qianshan County Tianzhu Mountain Tea Industry Group invests in 12 key tea farms in the county as subsidiaries with its brand and capital, and forms an intensive joint-stock tea production group that mainly engages in tea production, development and sales. It is the leading tea enterprise in Anhui. “Tianzhu Jianhao” tea, “Tianzhu Yinqu” tea, “Wanshan Cuiqu” tea, and “Tianzhu Xuanyue” tea are the main products of the company, which have won provincial awards for many times due to its high quality. The leading product “Tianzhu Jianhao” tea was created in 1985, which has been identified as “Chinese Famous Tea” in Nanjing National Tea Appreciation Conference by its “outstanding quality and unique style”. In 1988, it was awarded silver prize for the first China Food Expo and obtained “Chinese Famous Brand” in China International Agricultural Expo in 1999. It obtained greed food certificate in 2002 and awarded “top 10 famous tea brand in Anhui” in first Anhui Tea Expo in 2005. The tea is planted in 10 towns around Tianzhu Mountain, the national landscape area where has excellent ecological environment. The tealeaves are processed with specific techniques after picking from healthy tea trees in Qianshan County, which are famous for “green leaves, limpid tea, and fragrant, mellow and thick taste”. “Tianzhu Yinqu” and other teas have been identified as pollution-free food and high-quality agricultural product of Anhui Province for times due to their high quality. They are not only popular in southwest Anhui, but also well accepted by customers in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and other cities. 



Anhui Qianshan County Tianzhu Mountain Tea Industry Group


Contact person: Yu Liping
Tel.: 0556-8924877
Address: No. 17 Shuzhou East Road, Meicheng Town Qiansshan County, Anhui
Postal code: 246300

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