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Guizhou Yonghong Food Co., Ltd.

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Guizhou Yonghong Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984. With two decades’ development, the company now has more than 1300 employees and asset of 165 million RMB. It is the largest beef jerky enterprises in Guizhou integrating with cattle breeding, processing, sales and scientific research. It is awarded national key leading agricultural industrialization enterprise, national beef processing technology research sub-center, national township enterprise with outstanding contribution in county economy, trustworthy enterprise at national and provincial levels, and top 50 private enterprises in Guizhou. It is among the first batch of top 100 SME with AAA credit in Guizhou. The company has obtained HACCP certification and its “Niutoupai” has won well-known brand in Guizhou since 1998. Niutoupai is a famous trademark in China. The company produces beef jerky, beef floss, marinated poultry, soy products and black glutinous rice wine series, which are sold well in 25 provinces, regions and cities. “Niutoupai” product is well-known within the industry. For years, the company takes active measures to implement agricultural industrialization. It provides opportunities for farmers to earn more money by acquiring their beef and agricultural products. The company is also active in public welfare activities, donating materials and funds equal to more than 5 million RMB, which brings good social benefit. In 2009, the company realized production value of 200 million RMB, with 17.23 million RMB for tax, increasing 17.6% and 25.18% respectively.
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