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Zhongao Stock-holding Group Co., Ltd.

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Corporate Introduction:


Zhongao Group is a private stock-holding enterprise with 20-year development, and runs business mainly in duck breeding, cultivation, and deep processing. It is the only enterprise in China to introduce original breeder duck via international cooperation. It is a competitive and professional duck production enterprise in China and ranks top 3 among peers for duck production comprehensive capacity. The group has been identified as national key leading agricultural industrialization enterprise by 8 ministries in 2004 and national key leading poverty alleviation by State Council in 2005 and top 50 meat enterprises in 2006. It has been awarded “AAA Credit Enterprise” for 10 consecutive years. Zhongao Group invented the first “1235” “Zhongao Mode” in China and led 300,000 farmers to make wealth, its successful experience was selected as the case for United Nations poverty alleviation program and as promoted across the world. As the flagship enterprise in China’s poultry industry, Zhongao Group has been leading the change and development for peers and known as “The Leader of China’s Poultry Industry”. In following five years, Zhongao Group is expected to breed 500 million heads and to process over 100 million heads. It is hopeful that Zhongao Group’s comprehensive duck productivity will top the world!
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