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UN Establishes International Tea Day

DATE:2019-11-29       SOURCE:MARA

The U.N. General Assembly has announced that May 21st each year to be the International Tea Day with the aim of complimenting teas economic, social and cultural value so as to promote the global sustainable development of agriculture. The U.N. announcement was made on Nov. 27, according to the information by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. 


It is learnt that this proposal was approved by 41st session of FAO’ conference in June this year. As one of the worlds three major beverages, tea is consumed by over 2 billion people. Over 60 countries and regions around the world now produce tea, with total production of about 6 million tons and export of over 2 million tons. As the worlds most important cash crop, tea constitutes the major means of living for millions of poor families living in many of least developed countries in the World. It is the main source of income and export revenue for some of the poorest countries. It also has become a pillar industry and key source of income for farmers in many countries, especially developing countries. 


Specifying May 21st as International Tea Day a proposal made by China shows global approval of Chinas tea culture, which will also help our country to be blended of mutual reflection with other countries, promote the integrated development of tea industry, and protect the interests of farmers. 


The 4th China International Tea Expo will be held in May 2020. To celebrate the first International Tea Day, a special "International Tea Day" event will be organized during the Expo in order to promote tea culture, enhance tea trade, and promote the development of tea industry so as to boost production and increase farmers income. 

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