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Tang Huajun attends “CIP- Peru Joint Honorary Day” theme event

DATE:2019-09-03       SOURCE:MARA


MARA Senior Advisor and President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) of the MARA Tang Huajun attended the "International Potato Center (CIP) and Peru Joint Honorary Day " theme event at the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition, along with Peruvian Vice President Mercedes Araoz and CIP Director General Barbara Wells, in Yanqing District in Beijing on Sept. 1, 2019.


Tang Huajun stated in his speech that being a major producer for tuber crops such as potatoes and sweet potatoes, China attaches great importance to the R&D and production of tuber crops. In recent years, the Chinese Government has promoted potatoes as a staple food to better guarantee national food security, mitigate the pressure on resources and the environment, and improve dietary structure. China stands ready to strengthen cooperation on research and commercial production of tuber crops with Peru and CIP, and benefit countries along the Belt and Road network.  


Araoz expressed that Peru is willing to step up agricultural cooperation with China in various areas including tuber crops, hoping to export more quality agricultural specialty to China. Wells expressed her gratitude to the Chinese Government for greater support to the CIP and its Asia-Pacific center, hoping to further cooperation on tuber crops-related R&D with China. 

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