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Vice Minister Yu Kangzhen Visits Beijing and Fujian to Inspect ASF Prevention and Control

DATE:2018-11-28       SOURCE:MARA



Vice Minister Yu Kangzhen visited Putian City of Fujian Province and Fangshan District of Beijing to supervise and guide the prevention and control of African swine fever (ASF) from November 23 to 24, and organized discusses to re-deploy the work on ASF prevention and control. During the discusses, Yu stressed that it is necessary to coordinate all efforts, put equal emphasis on epidemic control and pork supply, intensify accountability, and strictly implement the measures to prevent the spread of ASF.


Yu fully acknowledged the quick and decisive response to ASF with comprehensive monitoring and screening, tracing of source, and supervision on transport of live pigs in Beijing, and he highlighted five points: First, improve political stance. We shall fully understand the importance, complexity and long-term nature of the current ASF prevention and control, and unify thoughts in accordance with decisions and deployment made by the central government in order to guarantee efficient organization; second, take strict and resolute measures to stamp out the epidemic. Rigorous measures for emergency disposal as well as efficient management of  transport of live pigs, relevant vehicles, agents and kitchen wastes, and supervision on production and slaughter shall be put in place so as to make sure different measures have been implemented in a reasonable way; third, strengthen joint prevention and control between regions. We shall give full play to the mechanism of joint prevention and control in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, through focusing on measures such as information sharing, tracing of epidemic source, joint law enforcement and joint training in order to guarantee information equivalence and unified actions; fourth, coordinate basic production capacity and market supply of pork. We shall improve management and biosafety of large-scale or swine-breeding farms, strengthen market monitoring, and crack down on private and substandard slaughter with the aim of coordinating the utilization of slaughter capacity; fifth, strengthen team construction and intensify accountability. The accountability mechanism shall be established to ensure that all relevant departments assume their responsibilities, and farmers bear the primary responsibility of epidemic prevention.


Yu also recognized prior achievements made by Fujian province in joint prevention and control, epidemic disposal and market supervision, and emphasized that relevant local authorities shall strengthen their responsibilities and implement key measures in pursuit of preventing the epidemic from spreading.

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