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FAO Chief Veterinary Officer Speaks Highly of ASF Prevention and Control in China

DATE:2018-11-21       SOURCE:MARA



On November 16, Vice Minister Yu Kangzhen and Chief Veterinary Officer Zhang Zhongqiu met with the Chief Veterinary Officer of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Dr. Juan Lubroth in Beijing. Dr. Lubroth spoke highly of the decisive measures adopted by China to prevent and control the African Swine Fever (ASF).


Dr. Lubroth pointed out that much fruitful efforts have been made by China in response to the sudden outbreak of ASF. Before the spread of the disease, the Chinese government made solid and effective efforts in areas of risk monitoring, technology research and development, material reserve, technical training and emergency drills. At the same time, the Chinese government proactively strengthen the cooperation with FAO and other international organizations through implementing ASF technical cooperation project and jointly cultivating talents in veterinary field epidemiology. As a result, China plays an active role in ASF prevention and control. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese government spared no efforts in preventing and controlling the disease and adopted strict measures including proper treatment of the disease, detection and prevention, inspection over transportation and prohibiting the use of kitchen residue to feed pigs, among which, the meaningful measure for improving the biosafety in small and medium-sized farms is of great significance.


Dr. Lubroth expressed his thankfulness to the Chinese government for the open and transparent practices for the disease as well as the open attitudes toward international cooperation and stated that China has not only delivered a quick report on the epidemic to the international community, but also positively carried out frequent exchanges. The Chinese side also immediately cooperated with FAO Asia Pacific Representative Office in rapid diagnostic technology, especially after the first case of ASF was confirmed. The implementation of the project is beneficial to ASF prevention and control in China and the disease prevention in other Asia-Pacific countries. Dr. Lubroth also put forward proposals on strengthening cooperation between FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in veterinary under the Belt and Road Initiative.


Vice Minister Yu expressed thanks to FAO for the long term technical support on ASF prevention and control, and introduced measures adopted by the Chinese government after the first occurrence of ASF in China. Chief Veterinary Officer Zhang focused on introducing the international exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese government and international organizations such as FAO to prevent and control ASF.

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