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18th Annual Meeting of China-South Korea Joint Committee on Fisheries Held in Busan

DATE:2018-11-18       SOURCE:MARA


The 18th Annual Meeting of China-South Korea Joint Committee on Fisheries was recently held in Busan, South Korea. During the meeting, the two sides reviewed implementation of the China-South Korea Fishery Agreement in 2018 and negotiated the important issues such as the reciprocal fishing access in each other's exclusive economic zones, the maintaining of the order of sea operations and the conservation of fishery resources in 2019, before reaching a consensus and signing the minutes of the meeting. According to the minutes, in 2019, 1,450 fishing vessels (excluding auxiliary vessels) in each country will have the reciprocal fishing access in each other's exclusive economic zones and the fishing quota remains unchanged at 57,750 tons. The China-South Korea joint enhancement and release activity is to be held in China next year and the China-South Korea Joint Law Enforcement and Patrol in waters under control of provisional measures will be launched before the end of this year.


The China-South Korea Fishery Agreement, which came into force in 2001, is a temporary arrangement for fishery production in the traditional fishing grounds of the Yellow Sea shared by fishermen of both countries before the demarcation of the seas. Under the mechanism of China-Korea Fishery Agreement, the two sides hold the annual meeting of the Joint Committee on Fisheries in pursuit of discussing and negotiating relevant work for the next year.


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