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Qu Dongyu Meets CEO and Chairman of GEF Ishii Nahoko

DATE:2018-10-10       SOURCE:MARA



On October 8, Vice Minister Qu Dongyu met with the delegation of Ishii Nahoko, the CEO and Chairman of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the two sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation.


Qu appreciated the contribution of global environmental protection made by GEF, thanked GEF for its support to China’s agricultural and rural development, and introduced the  agricultural transformation in China as well as the strategic plan for rural revitalization. Qu expressed that the concept of Green Agricultural Development proposed by Chinese government fully conforms with the purpose of GEF, and China is willing to strengthen cooperation with GEF in the fields of Sustainable Grain System, Soil Pollution Control, Rural Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, Aquatic Biology Protection, Agricultural Cultural Heritage Protection and Germplasm Resources Protection.


Ishii Nahoko appreciated the pragmatic cooperation between the two sides in agriculture. She stated that Sustainable Agricultural Development is a long-term concern for GEF and hoped China could continue to play a leading role in this field. GEF would like to continue strengthening exchanges and cooperation with China to support sustainable development of agriculture and rural area in China.

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