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Chief Veterinary Officer Zhang Zhongqiu Meets UK Chief Veterinary Officer Middlemiss

DATE:2018-09-26       SOURCE:MARA


On September 19, Chief Veterinary Officer Zhang Zhongqiu met with Christine Middlemiss, UK Chief Veterinary Officer, in Beijing. The two sides exchanged their views on deepening bilateral cooperation in the area of animal health.


Zhang introduced prevention and control of the new outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF). The Chinese government immediately launched an emergency response mechanism, proactively adopted measures including blockade, culling, harmless treatment and reported timely the epidemic to the public and international organizations. Zhang suggested that the two sides should further enhance bilateral exchanges on technologies and policies of preventing and controlling animal disease and strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation among veterinary laboratories in the two countries through joint research, personnel visits,  postgraduate education and organizing academic seminars in pursuit of promoting common development of animal health between China and the UK.


Ms. Middlemiss agreed with suggestions proposed by the Chinese side and introduced the current situation of ASF in Europe. She also expressed the willingness to maintain close cooperation with China in disease detection, prevention and control.

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