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Vice Minister Qu Dongyu Introduces 1st Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival

DATE:2018-09-19       SOURCE:MARA


On September 13, during the press conference held by the Information Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Vice Minister Qu Dongyu, Deputy Director-General of Organizing and Steering Committee of the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, introduced the arrangement of activities regarding the 1st Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival and took questions from reporters.


1+6+N Provides Guideline for Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival


According to Qu, in order to demonstrate farmers’ leading role and special advantages, mobilize the public to celebrate the festival and benefit farmers, activities during the 1st Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival will be organized under the guideline of 1+6+N. “1” refers to the main venue in Beijing and “6” refers to other six branch venues in six provinces involved, which are set up on the basis of displaying regional characteristics of agricultural civilization in China. Meanwhile, “N” refers to over 100 activities to be organized during the festival.


“Agricultural civilization has strong regional characteristics and 1+6+N is only a basic guideline for guiding the event.” Qu expressed that the guideline reflects creative ideas in designing activities and working. He hoped to discover characteristics of different areas and introduce them to the country and the public, so that farmers and governments in other areas are able to learn their experience. As a result, consumers and urban residents are willing to visit those areas, all people will be benefited, and farmers’ joy of harvest will be delivered to all over the country.


Qu also expressed that the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival will help farmers create and improve their values and vitalize culture. Agricultural and rural vitalization depends on supports from various channels, bodies and all walks of life. Therefore, different activities are organized in order to achieve the goal.


Launch “Five 100” Plan to Introduce Delicious Cuisines, Beautiful Landscapes, Culture and Brands in Rural Areas


In order to ensure that the society will enjoy farmers’ joy of harvest and provide convenience for consumers in visiting rural areas, experiencing agricultural civilization and tasting delicious rural cuisines during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs launched the “Five 100” plan. The first “100” refers to one hundred agricultural product brands. More priorities will be given to terminal products and brands; The second “100” refers to one hundred villages with characteristics. Consumers can know where to go during the holidays; The third “100” refers to one hundred cultural activities in rural areas. Those activities fully display the inheritance of excellent traditional culture in different areas and they will be introduced to the public; The fourth “100” refers to one hundred delicious rural cuisines. People will enjoy the flavor of their hometown; The fifth “100” refers to one hundred rural travel routes, which provide references for the public in terms of entertainment and tourism.


It is reported that the “Five100” plan covers areas such as beautiful rural landscape, delicious cuisines, culture, brand, production, life, ecology as well as keeping health. While organizing those activities, many social powers such as market entities and industry associations are mobilized. “The items mentioned in the plan are recommended voluntarily. The policy is a guideline and local governments can organize activities under its guidance.” Qu said.


Realize Accurate Connecting Between Production and Sales Through Platform of Festivals


During the 1st Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, the concept of nationwide shopping is introduced. At the same time, traditional wholesale and retail play their part. Some activities are organized especially for poor areas in pursuit of promoting connecting between production and sales. Qu expressed that traditional wholesale and retail and shopping online are complementary and they can provide online and offline supports for each other. “If the sustainable trust relationship between production and consumption is well established, the loyalty will be established. Loyalty and trust relationship of niche market shall be established through the Internet and creative business models.”


”Rural industries need to transform agricultural products into commercial products. Rural landscapes can be changed from public products to goods with values. Rural industries can be formed only in this way.” According to Qu, priorities of celebration activities will be given to counties, townships and villages. Under the guidance of the government, famers will play a main role in those activities which highlight local characteristics on the basis of realities. Through the great platform provided by the festival, accurate connecting between production and sales will be realized. At the same time, producers and consumers can find out values for each other. Finally, both farmers and urban residents will be satisfied.

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