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Vice Minister Han Jun Attends 3rd Meeting of China-Peru Joint Committee on Agriculture and Visits US

DATE:2018-09-19       SOURCE:MARA

From September 5th to 13th , the delegation headed by Vice Minister Han Jun visited Peru and the United States at the invitation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru and the United States Department of Agriculture.


During his visit to Peru, Han and Gustavo Eduardo Mostajo Ocola, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru, co-chaired the 3rd meeting of the China-Peru Joint Committee on Agriculture. According to Mr. Mostajo, he hoped to follow China’s example and learned Chinese experience in agricultural and rural development as well as advanced agricultural science and technology in order to promote the comprehensive development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Peru. Han expressed that the Chinese side attaches great importance to carry out agricultural cooperation with Peru and he would like to take this meeting as a new starting point to promote the implementation of new bilateral agricultural cooperation projects and help Peru to improve agricultural scientific research and development as well as production and processing capacity. The two sides exchanged in-depth their views and reached consensus on topics such as the joint establishment of an agricultural machinery demonstration center, the resumption of cooperation between the national academies of agricultural sciences in the two countries, human resources training and the deepening of agricultural trade and investment. In addition, Han made field visits to some units such as  fish meal production and export enterprises, fruit and vegetable processing and export enterprises and farms, and the horticulture and animal husbandry experimental station of the national institute of agricultural innovation in Peru.

During his visit to the United States, Han held talks with Mr. Ted Mckinney, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and the two sides exchanged their views on subjects such as the bilateral agricultural mechanism, scientific and technological cooperation and trade in agricultural products. Han also visited colleges, farms and trade associations in Delaware, Maryland and other places in conducting field study on agricultural science and technology innovation, rural development and trade in agricultural products.

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