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The First Training Course for Sao Tome and Principe High-level Agricultural Officials Held in China

DATE:2018-07-26       SOURCE:


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China held a training course for high-level agricultural officials from the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe from July 14 to 24, and 9 officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Sao Tome and Principe participated in the training. It is the first training course that has been held in China under the aid project for technical cooperation in agriculture and animal husbandry between China and Sao Tome and Principe as well as the first training course for Sao Tome and Principe high-level agricultural officials in China after the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China had successfully dispatched two special agricultural groups to Sao Tome and Principe in order to carry out agricultural assistance and excellent results had been achieved in areas of crops, animal husbandry and biogas.


In Beijing and Hunan Province, the participants made study tour in agricultural demonstration parks, facility agriculture, agricultural enterprises, animal husbandry bases or farms and agricultural technology promotion stations at different levels including provinces, cities, counties, towns and villages. They also conducted exchanges and discussions with agricultural officials at central and local levels and gained a comprehensive understanding of agricultural policies, agricultural development, animal husbandry and cultural etiquette in China.

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