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Vice Minister Qu Dongyu Meets Delegation Headed by Roger Voorhies

DATE:2018-07-20       SOURCE:MARA




On July 17, Vice Minister Qu Dongyu met with a delegation headed by Mr. Roger Voorhies, Executive Director of Global Growth of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Beijing. The two sides exchanged their ideas in the areas of strengthening pragmatic cooperation in agriculture and jointly promoting African agricultural development.


Qu expressed his appreciation for efforts made by the Gates Foundation in helping developing countries in Africa and South Asia in order to improve local agricultural development, and he pointed out that, over past few years, the agricultural cooperation projects carried out by the Gates Foundation in Africa has achieved positive results. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Gates Foundation share a common willingness to deepen cooperation in supporting and promoting agricultural development in Africa. With the view to further deepen agricultural cooperation between the two sides, Qu proposed the implementing of the “One country, One product” mode in Africa, by carrying out the whole industrial chain cooperation with the focus on specific products for specific countries, such as grain and cash crops, chicken as well as fish farming, so as to attract the participation of enterprises. The mutual cooperation should be led and guided by products and market. In order to extend rice technology and high-yield varieties, the two sides should establish a cooperative relationship with local rice processing enterprises and provide more choices and technical support for agricultural development in African countries.


Mr. Roger Voorhies agreed with Qu's proposal and said that China has attracted worldwide attention for achievements in the field of agricultural development and poverty alleviation, and made outstanding contributions to supporting agricultural development of developing countries in Africa, which played a unique and important role; The Gates Foundation attaches great importance to carrying out agricultural cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, and hopes to share Chinese experience and wisdom through pragmatic and innovative cooperation between the two sides in pursuit of making new contributions to improve lives of the poor in developing countries, especially in sub-Saharan African countries.


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