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Seminar on International Cooperation in Agricultural Industrial Capacity Among the “Belt and Road” Countries Held in Beijing

DATE:2018-06-25       SOURCE:MARA

From June 10 to 16, the Seminar on International Cooperation in Agricultural Capacity among the “Belt and Road” Countries was held in Beijing. 17 representatives from 8 countries including Bulgaria, Cambodia, Egypt, India, Laos,the Philippine, Thailand and Uzbekistan participated in the seminar.


Under the theme of international cooperation in agricultural capacity, the seminar introduced the backgrounds, ideas and outlooks as well as Chinese practices of the “Belt and Road” agricultural cooperation, also made brief account of the overview of trade in agricultural products between China and the “Belt and Road” countries as well as policies involved. At the same time, the participants were organized to visit the Sinochem Group Co., Ltd. where they learned some information such as the mode and practices of automatic production of the agricultural management and application platform in the Sinochem, the development of seed industry in China, international cooperation of the China National Seed Group Co., Ltd.,and  international business in agricultural chemical fertilizer of the Sinochem as well as technology and practices of the integration of water and fertilizer. During the seminar, the meeting on country reports from the “Belt and Road” countries and their cooperation was held. Foreign participants and representatives of the Chinese government departments and enterprises exchanged their ideas on trade for agricultural products, introduction of agricultural machinery and equipment as well as agricultual capacity cooperation on imports and exports of pesticides and chemical fertilizer.


The Participants and representatives said that, with rich contents,  pertinence and practicability, the seminar has played an active role in further completing each other’s advantages of agricultural  capacity for the “Belt and Road” countries and promoting the connection of cooperation requirements.


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