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Chief Veterinary Officer Zhang Zhongqiu Meets US Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Ted Mckinney

DATE:2018-05-22       SOURCE:MOA

On May 17, Chief Veterinary Officer Zhang Zhongqiu met with Mr. Ted Mckinney, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, in Beijing.


Zhang extended congratulations to Mr. Ted Mckinney, who was newly nominated as the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, and spoke highly of the development of China-US agricultural cooperation. He exchanged views with the American side on export of China’s aquatic products and poultry meat, clarified China’s policies in response to American concern about export of its cooked poultry meat to China as well as examination and approval of biotechnology agricultural products and proposed suggestions on further China-US agricultural cooperation.


Mr. Mckinney totally agreed with Zhang and fully appreciated that China opened the door for further cooperation. The U.S. was willing to jointly promote China-US agricultural cooperation with China and he hoped that more pragmatic achievements would be realized in this field.
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