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Four Sites in China Designated by FAO as GIAHS

DATE:2018-04-25       SOURCE:MARA Information Office

On April 19, the 5th International Forum on Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) hosted by FAO was convened in Rome, Italy. Four new sites in China were designated as GIAHS, including the “Zhagana Agriculture-Forest-Animal Husbandry Composite System,” the “Huzhou Mulberry-dyke & Fish Pond System,” the “Xiajin Yellow River Old Course Ancient Mulberry Grove System,” and the “Rice Terraces in Southern Mountainous and Hilly Areas” (Chongyi Hakka Terraces in Jiangxi province, Youxi Lianhe Terraces in Fujian province, Xinhua Ziquejie Terraces in Hunan province, and Longsheng Longji Terraces in Guangxi province). At present, China has a total of 15 GIAHS sites, ranking first in the world.

FAO Deputy Director-General Maria Helena Semedo attended the forum and made some remarks, and Vice Minister Zhang Taolin was invited to deliver a keynote speech. According to Vice Minister Zhang, the Chinese government gives priority to protecting and inheriting agricultural civilization, adheres to the philosophy that lucid waters and green mountains are invaluable assets, and absorbs the essence of traditional agriculture to promote modern and sustainable agricultural development and strived to reserve and carry forward agricultural culture. As one of the earliest respondents and major contributors to the GIAHS project, as well as its strong supporter, successful doer and important promoter, China has outpaced other countries in the world in the establishment of rules and regulations, supervision and management, and international exchanges. China will step up efforts to protect and develop heritage sites to promote the implementation of the rural vitalization strategy.

More than 350 representatives from different countries and international organizations attended the forum, at which 14 newest agricultural heritage sites in 8 countries acquired certificates. During the forum, Chinese participants also organized an exhibition of heritage, which engaged the attention of many foreign guests.



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