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Panel Session on “Marginalized Rural Asia" Successfully Held During BOAO Forum for Asia

DATE:2018-04-19       SOURCE:MARA Information Office


Panel Discussion on "Marginalized Rural Asia" held during BFA


On April 9, a panel discussion was held under the theme of “Marginalized Rural Asia” during the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), which was jointly organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and BFA Secretariat in Boao, Hainan Province. Minister Han Changfu attended the session. During the session, he made a speech on the implementation of rural vitalization strategy and answered questions on the spot. He expressed that rural vitalization was a long term process, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) will work in accordance with the decisions and arrangements made by the central government to strengthen research and planning in order to ensure a good start for the implementation of the strategy.



During the session, Minister Han Changfu made a speech on the implementation of rural vitalization strategy and answered questions


Minister Han Changfu pointed out, as a significant decision endorsed in the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the rural vitalization strategy well reflected the governing philosophy of CPC and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s thought on agriculture, rural areas and rural residents. At present, agricultural and rural development has entered into a new phase, while the uneven rural and urban development and inadequate rural development remain salient. Therefore, unconventional measures should be adopted to give top priority to rural vitalization strategy and adhere to the core areas for development of agriculture and rural areas so as to bridge the existing gaps. Efforts should be made to accelerate modernization of agriculture and rural areas and prevent rural decline in the process of urbanization. It is an essential part of the overall national strategy as well as a specific demonstration of the objective to build a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful. 


Minister Han Changfu stressed the importance of overall planning for the successful implementation of the rural vitalization strategy to promote coordinated development of economic, political, cultural, social and ecological construction in rural areas. Empowered by the central government, the restructured MARA shoulders an arduous while honorable mission to coordinate the planning and implementation of the strategy. To this end, we are taking a ‘Five Promotion Plus One Enhancement Approach’:


Firstly, we should promote high-quality agricultural development, by accentuating quality, greenness and brand-building of and advance the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Secondly, we should promote rural living environment by protecting clean water, green mountain and rural landscape to reserve the unique characters of rural areas; Thirdly, we should promote infrastructure construction in rural areas and further improve working and living conditions of rural residents. Fourthly, we should promote public services in rural areas by actively pushing forward the construction of rural education and health care system and mobilizing various farmers’ organizations to take part in such process. Fifthly, we should promote the building of a talent team for rural areas by establishing a comprehensive system of professional farmers and accelerate cultivation of new types of agricultural management entities. At the same time, we should enhance the formulation of rural vitalization policies by making strategic plans and launching a series of major policies.


In response to on-spot questions regarding rural hollowing and starting up of business in rural areas, Minister Han Changfu said that, with the implementation of the rural vitalization strategy, he is pleased to see that an increasing number of people such as rural migrant workers have returned to their hometown and started businesses there. Driven by industrialization and urbanization, it is inevitable to witness that a great number of young people in rural areas go out as migrant workers. It is therefore crucial to improve policies, unbar channels and promote the two-way flows of essential productive elements between rural and urban areas in order to add more vitality to rural areas. In doing so, the principal status of farmers should be respected and rural areas should be built into beautiful places for them to live in happily. At the same time, support should be given to all kinds of people who are willing to start their business in rural areas, and commercial capitals should be encouraged to give impetus to rural residents instead of replacing them.



Panel Session on "Marginalized Rural Asia" Held during BFA 

Photo by China Daily Journalist Dai Jun 

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