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Minister Han Changfu Stress Overall Planning and Synergized Measures for Rural Vitalization

DATE:2018-04-19       SOURCE:MARA Information Office

During his field inspection in Hainan province on April 9 and 10, Minister Han Changfu stressed that vitalizing rural area is a grand work, which requires overall planning and synergized measures by exploring various development modalities and stimulating motivation of all stakeholders involved, towards the goal of making the rural areas a beautiful place for all farmers to live in.


Being the first e-agriculture town in Hainan province, Shishan town of Haikou City develops its economy through Internet, which has multiplied its farmers’ incomes. A village official of Meishe village in Shishan town told Minister Han, the village is promoting rural tourism through internet and by means of online and offline interaction, tourists are attracted to buy local agriculture products. Before this, farmers had to carry agricultural products in sacks to sell them at a low price which now has increased about ten times. Minister Han praised such changes and pointed out that it is necessary to merge rural development with information technology and admit farmers onto the expressway of internet, which can reduce costs and increase benefits by pooling together fragmented resources and production factors to drive the flow of human resources, logistics, information and capital thus to achieve integrated development of industries. In this regard, the government will provide good infrastructures and public services to support the development of rural areas.


Minister Han also spoke highly of the reciprocal business model of farmer house renting from their owners or shareholders to those pursuing employment and business startups in the rural areas. He stressed that the actions to vitalize rural areas should not to be limited to one certain modality or one type main body, while giving respect to the main body status of farmers who can make choices for themselves.


The key to vitalization is ecological and livable environment. Shamei village of Boao town, Qionghai highlighted to tourism on the way of development, and improved infrastructures have provided support to villagers to the growth of homestay economy. Among these villagers is Gong Jianmin, who transformed his house, unoccupied for more than 10 years, into a homestay and thus made a good fortune. A tourist staying in Gong’s house told Minister Han that the village is beautiful and comfortable to live in. Delighted to hear from the locals, Minister Han noted that the efforts to build more and more villages like Shamei are ongoing and it is crucial to promote improvement of environment for human residence in rural areas, and to earmark more resources for infrastructure construction including water, electricity, road, gas and communication to make the rural areas a cleaner and better place to live.


Located in Qionghai, Boao National Agricultural Park also features agricultural tourism. The park is beautiful with fish fed in the rice field, flowers blooming aside and ducks playing in the lotus pounds. Its various green agriculture products are also popular in the market. Minister Han asked about the details of the benefits and outputs of the ecological agriculture in the park as well as how the park promotes farmers’ common development. He stressed that rural vitalization should concentrate more on the prosperity of industries, stick to green development of agriculture by promoting green farming and breeding, explore the ecological and cultural functions of agriculture, and increase agricultural quality, efficiency and competitiveness, so as to make agriculture something beautiful to see, interesting to say, joyful to entertain and profitable to do.


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