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Science drives Jilin’s hi-tech agriculture

DATE:2017-09-29       SOURCE:China Daily

Updated: 2017-09-28   


In recent years, science and technology innovation is shaping China's agriculture.


Jilin province now aims at developing its science-driven, science-led and science-supported modern agriculture.


The first step in building modern agriculture is to improve the seed quality. The provincial academy of agricultural sciences promotes the breeding of high quality seed.


And its research team has now cultivated high quality seeds of corn, rice and soybean, reaching state-of-the-art level.


Another step is to realize industrialized operation in agriculture.


The academy has developed customized seeds for different demands. The "Jiyu 69" soybean, "Jiza" sorghum, "Jilv 10" mung bean and "golden millet" cultivated by it are popular among agricultural enterprises and farmers.


These new varieties provide more choices for farmers and help improve Jilin province's agricultural productivity.


The academy of agricultural sciences has also established a service system, including a team of 290 experts, 418 information service bases and some agriculture websites to provide information and guidance for farmers.


The academy encourages enterprises, farmers and experts to develop businesses overseas with its agricultural technologies.


Meanwhile, it introduces many overseas agricultural technologies into China. These efforts help to increase the farmers' income and agricultural development of Jilin province.


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