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Chinese Agriculture Center Launches Support For Local Farmers In Central Liberia


10:22, May 23, 2017
The China-Liberia Agriculture Technology Demonstration Center in Bong County, central Liberia, has begun a partnership with local farmers in the area.


The partner is aimed at increasing agriculture production and under the partnership, the center will provide agriculture inputs and technical support to the farmers.


A member of the senior management team, Mr. KO-Be, told the Liberia News Agency that under the partnership, the center will also provide market linkage for the farmers to sell their produce at supermarkets and other institutions in the country.


Mr. KO-Be said the center is in fulfillment of the bilateral partnership between China and Liberia to strengthen agriculture production in the country.


He explained that the partnership project is part of the sustainability aspect of the agriculture demonstration center.


On his part, the center’s community Liaison and Chairman of the Bong County Youth Caucus, Dakeh Mr. Mulbah, lauded the management of the center and said the community is fully prepared to support the project.


Mulbah said the project will not only provide money for the local farmers but will build their skills and increase production in the area.

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