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Vice Minister Yu Kangzhen meets Co-Chair of Canadian Institute for Global Strategic Partnerships

DATE:2017-04-24       SOURCE:MOA Information Office


Vice Minister Yu Kangzhen met with Mr. Raymond Chan, Co-Chair of the Canadian Institute for Global Strategic Partnerships, in Beijing on 21 April 2017. Mr. Raymond Chan once served as Secretary of State (Asia-Pacific) for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and Minister of State (Multiculturalism) for the Department of Heritage of Canada.


Vice Minister Yu noted that China and Canada enjoy a long history of friendship and in recent years the bilateral relationship has entered a track of sound and steady development. Bilateral agricultural cooperation is developing rapidly. The two sides signed the Action Plan on China-Canada Agricultural Cooperation for 2016-2020 and properly handled the issues on beef and canola trade. He reaffirmed that the MOA supports Chinese enterprises to work with Canadian partners in modern agriculture demonstration park in Heilongjiang Province to enhance cooperation in green agriculture and promote sustainable agricultural development in China.


Mr. Chan agreed with Vice Minister Yu. He expressed that the Canadian side highly appreciates China’s remarkable achievements over the past two decades. Canada is willing to strengthen bilateral cooperation in areas of agricultural technology demonstration, green agriculture, agricultural trade and investment, and  Chinese medicinal herb farming for mutual benefits and win-win outcomes.


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