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National Rural Work Conference held in Beijing

DATE:2016-12-22       SOURCE:Information Office, MOA


The National Rural Work Conference was held in Beijing on Dec. 19-20, 2016. The Conference required intensified efforts to implement decisions of the most recent Central Economic Work Conference and the Central Rural Work Conference, with a major agenda to review agricultural and rural developments in 2016 and map out plans for 2017. 


Minister Han Changfu attended and addressed the Conference.


The Conference affirmed that China’s rural economy showed a good momentum of progress and overall stability in 2016, marking a good start for the 13th Five-Year Plan and bolstering the national economic and social development.


The Conference identified the following areas as the rural work priorities in 2017.

(1) Pressing ahead with structural adjustment. The adjustment will focus on reducing corn planting, promoting steady pig production, invigorating dairy industry and cutting fisheries output while ensuring income growth and resources conservation.  

(2) Boosting green development. Emphasis will be put on ensuring zero-growth in fertilizer and pesticide use, facilitating agricultural waste recycling, addressing outstanding issues in agricultural resources and environment, advancing standard-based agricultural production and building up a subsidy mechanism to encourage green agriculture. 

(3) Promoting innovation-driven development. China will adjust the direction and key areas for agricultural technological innovation and step up major scientific researches and technological innovation.

(4) Advancing rural reform. Efforts will be made to reform rural collective property rights, create new entities, encourage appropriate large-scale operation, deepen institutional reform of the state farms system and further international cooperation in agriculture.

(5) Ensuring steady grain production. China will increase grain production capacity and secure an overall grain output stability.
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