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Foreign experts to help animal husbandry in Karamay

DATE:2015-06-17       SOURCE:China Daily

The government of the Baijiantan district of Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, employs foreign experts to develop its modern animal husbandry, the Karamay Daily reported.


Baijiantan appointed on May 19 two experts as the district's senior animal husbandry consultants, namely Nicolay, a Russian academician at the School of Animal Husbandry of L. K. Albannister University of Russian Federation, and Alejan, head of a stud farm affiliated to the Kazakhstan's Ministry of Agriculture.


"We hope to share our achievements in scientific research with experts in Baijiantan to promote the local economy," said Nicolay at the appointment ceremony.


Baijiantan's government attaches importance to cooperation between farms and domestic and international scientific research institutions, in an effort to support the traditional animal husbandry with high technologies and modern management methods.


Zheng Wenxin, vice-dean of the Xinjiang Academy of Animal Husbandry, mentioned that Karamay was nominated as the "demonstration zone for modern agriculture" in 2013, which offered Karamay with more opportunities to explore different ways of development.


Zheng said that Baijiantan's cooperation with Russia and Kazakhstan set a good example for all the subordinate districts in Karamay. "We need to strengthen communication with agricultural powers in the world and learn from them so that we can better develop our own animal husbandry," Zheng said.


Experts examine a crossbred mouflon at Runhe Breeding Base in Baijiantan district in Karamay, Xinjiang, on May 19. [Photo/]




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