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National Video Conference on
Spring on-farm Management and Farmland Preparation held

DATE:2015-02-06       SOURCE:Information Office, MOA


The National Video Conference on Spring On-farm Management and Farmland Preparation was held by MOA on February 5, 2015. The Conference called for prior arrangement and preparation for field management and land preparation for the upcoming spring to ensure a good harvest of summer crops of 2015.


Vice Minister Yu Xinrong emphasized that it is critical for China's reform and development, to maintain the good momentum of growth in grain output and sound agricultural development after 11 consecutive years' growth in grain output.


Yu urged agricultural authorities at all levels to focus on increasing grain productivity and farmers' income, restructuring agriculture, improving quality and performance and shifting patterns of agricultural development with confidence and greater resolve. The Conference also highlighted the role of agricultural S&T in propelling agricultural development and intensified measures for the implementation of and supervision over field management and farm operations to ensure a bumper harvest and growth in grain output for 2015.


The Conference outlined the priority areas for spring crop farming as below: (1)enhance differential guidance by region and by crop; (2) intensify disease and pest control; (3) improve technical services; and (4) bring into full play the role of demonstrative parks with replicable systems or technologies featuring high-yield, high-quality, resource conservation and sustainability.


To this end, the Conference urged agricultural authorities at all levels to adopt the following effective measures: (1) promote innovation-driven shift in agricultural development patterns with focus on S&T innovation and innovative mechanisms for social service towards coordinated development of agricultural production and eco-environment; (2) ensure grain planting acreage by earnestly implementing pro-farming and pro-farmer policies; (3) enhance the coordination in mechanized plowing and sowing operations; and (4) ensure the delivery of quality agricultural inputs to farmers by strengthening guidance service and crackdown on counterfeit agricultural inputs.


The Conference also warned of adverse climate factors affecting grain production such as drought, late spring low temperature and dry and hot wind weather, and called for earlier preparation and response.


The Video Conference is moderated by Vice Minister Chen Xiaohua and well attended by 23,000 more participants across the country.


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