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49m yuan subsidy goes to film projection in rural area

DATE:2014-09-26       SOURCE:China Daily

The Shanxi government has earmarked a special subsidy of 49.33 million yuan ($8.04 million) for film projections in rural areas, including boarding school students at primary and secondary schools, according to the provincial finance department. The number of subsidized film projections is expected to reach 348,200, which will greatly enrich cultural life for rural residents and students.


The local government has extended subsidized film projections to boarding schools in rural areas from Sept 1, in addition to the former project that puts one free film into one village every month. As a result, the rural residents and rural boarding school students can watch one free film every month. The plan doesn’t cover the rural boarding schools on holidays.


There are 2,445 boarding schools in Shanxi’s rural area, which would involve 22,000 patriotism education films. All the subsidies will be paid by the provincial finance office.

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