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China, Mongolia & Russia meet for stronger TAD control

DATE:2014-08-25       SOURCE:MOA
Veterinary authorities of China, Mongolia and Russia jointly held a seminar on transboundary animal disease (TAD) prevention and control in Erguna,Inner Mongolia, China from August 20 to 22, 2014. The seminar was funded by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Mr. Wang Gongmin, Deputy Director-General of the Veterinary Bureau of MOA, Dr. Bolortuy, Chief Veterinary Officer of Mongolia, and Dr. Nepoklonov, Chief Veterinary Officer of Russia, attended the seminar.

Delegates of the three countries discussed the developments of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), avian influenza (AI), brucellosis, African swine fever (ASF)and some other animal diseases, and exchanged views on  technologies and measures for prevention & control.

The three sides all agreed that they should establish the concept "One World, One Health" , cut across boundaries of countries, departments and disciplines, integrate and use resources from various channels, and strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation of veterinary service, in order to deal with emerging animal disease risks and safeguard public health security effectively.

Regarding TAD control, the three countries should enhance the mechanism of joint prevention & control, facilitate cooperative research on diagnostic technologies and comprehensive countermeasures, and encourage the communication and collaboration between research institutes and producers of veterinary drugs and biologics. 

During the seminar, the Veterinary Bureau of MOA held bilateral meetings with Mongolia and Russia respectively, and discussed wide-ranged issues, including  joint surveillance in border areas, mutual recognition of specified disease free zones and compartments, and animal and animal product trade promotion.

Representatives of FAO, ADB, OIE, and veterinary authorities of China, Mongolia and Russia also attended the seminar.
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