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Price surge in dried seaweed

DATE:2017-04-28       SOURCE:MOA

Dear Sir or Madam,


How are you? My name is Owen Lai form Canda Six Fortune Enterprise (Canada). We are distributing company with over 30 years importing experience from Asia. We used to order dried seaweed from China. Don’t know why the dried seaweed price increase over 50% recently. I am wondering whether you have any data show the dried seaweed price increase from Dec 2016 to Apr 2017. It is really hard for us to explain why our cost increase so quickly. Please kindly advice.


Best Regards,





Dear Sir,


Thank you for your enquiry.


As for reasons for price surge in dried seaweed, I would like to recommend you the following two associations for your enquiry: 


Organization: China Fisheries Association 

Website: (Only Chinese version available)

Tel: +86-010-59194676, 010-59194679

Fax: +86-010-59194640


Organization: China Algae Industry Association 

Website: (Only Chinese version available)

Tel: +86-010-85274842 


Best regards.


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