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Honey Expo

DATE:2017-03-31       SOURCE:MOA

Good afternoon, we are a new boutique Western Australian Honey Company. I have been looking into your Honey Expo this year. Sounds fantastic. I have a question though as we have never been to an expo in China, what is the usual amount of stock that producers bring with them to promote trade and sell?


Thank You , Lauren Clegg





Dear Mr. Clegg,


The China Apicultural Exposition is held annually in Jining City of Shandong Province.


You are kindly advised to contact the following association and institute for specific information.

Organization: Apicultural Science Association of China 

E-mail: or

Tel: 86-10-62593512   Fax: 86-10-62596122


Organization: Dongying Apiculture Institute


Tel: 15165465259


Best regards. 

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