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Request for information on Product registration

DATE:2016-10-27       SOURCE:MOA

Dear Sir,


We are M/s Shanti Vegetable Oils, Hyderabad, India, doing trading business. 


We would like to export the following products to China. 


All are animal feed supplementary products. non animal Origin, pure Vegetable products.


Please give us whether our products required registration in China or not.


Product -1 - Rumen by pass fat (Palm fat powder ) (Brand Agrofat T-99 ) - hs card no 15....8 digit

product -2  - rumen bypass fat (Palm fat powder- fatty acids) HS card- 38231900 or 29157010 as palmitic 

product 3- Calcium soap/salt of palm fatty acids - hs code 23099090 


We had visited few importers during expo of viv at beijing. Many importers told product 1 & 2 does not need any registeratin but prodcut 3 needs registeration. pls suggest.


Also provide chinese names for above 3 


Other wise please suggest the department and contact number, which can give us correct information on the above.


We are awaiting for your reply.


Thanking you.

Mr. Sai





Mr. Sai


Thank you for your enquiry.


You may check out whether your products are listed on the Catalogue of Feed Additives (, bilingual version available for Appendix I) issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of China.  If yes, these products are allowed in China and its export to China requires registration.


Best regards.  


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