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Registration for feed additive

DATE:2016-08-29       SOURCE:MOA

Dear Sir,


We are one of the leading company in animal nutritional lipids from Malaysia. You may view thru our company at


We are in the midst to develop a new product and would like to export to China. We understood that all the feed additive product need to register with Ministry of Agriculture before we are able to export to China.


We need your professional advice how to proceed with this


Best regards,


Vera Teo

Senior Market Manager   





Mr. Vera Teo,  


Thank you for your enquiry.


I’d like to give you the following information:


First, please make sure that your products are listed on the Catalogue of Feed Additives (, bilingual version available for Appendix I) issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of China.


Second, regarding data requirements for registration of imported feed and feed additives, you may acquire information at (in English). If your products contain agricultural GMOs, the registration shall be approved by MOA in line with China’s GMOs regulations.


It is also important to note that your local agent or distributor in China shall proceed with related procedures.


Best regards!

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