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Export inquiry about balers

DATE:2016-06-17       SOURCE:MOA



One of our interns in our office sent an email to you yesterday regarding an agricultural product and it’s market potential. It is highly likely it ended up in your spam folder, which is why I am reaching out to you with our question.


Our trade consulting firm, Kansas Global, is helping a company named Stinger who is located in Kansas of the United States do market research before they decide to focus their efforts internationally and export for the first time.  They make a product that wraps square bales of hay, keeping them unexposed to the elements to minimize spoilage and help in efficient storage processes.  I am reaching out to you for any information or potential contact that could help us determine whether or not square bales of hay are used or have potential to be used in your market.


Thank you so much for your help and any insight you have,


Taylor J Stewart

Export Development & Programs Manager

Kansas Global Trade Services





Mr. Stewart, 


Thank you for your enquiry.


For the commercial potential of your square balers in China, you’re kindly advised to enquire of the following organizations:


China Agricultural Mechanization Association





The Center of Agricultural Machinery Extension of the Ministry of Agriculture


Tel: ++86-010-59198658



By the way, the Ministry of Agriculture of China will hold the 14th China International Agricultural Trade Fair in Kunming on November 5-8, 2016, which is the biggest, most prominent and most influential expo in China and the Asia-Pacific region in the field of agriculture to showcase the latest agricultural technology, equipment and machinery of the world, and to promote international agricultural trade. You are welcome to participate in this valuable event to find out business opportunity. For more information, please refer to the website of CATF,


Good luck!


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