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Feed additives registration

DATE:2016-05-25       SOURCE:MOA

To whom it may concern:


We are a Spanish company that distributes additives for animal feed.


We would like to know to whom we have to contact to see if the following food colors are permitted for use in animal feed in China. And if it is the case, what maximum doses.


E104 Quinoline Yellow

E103 Chrysoine

E143 Fast Green CFC

E133 Brilliant Blue FCP


Thank you for your cooperation







Dear Sir or Madam,


Thank you for your enquiry.


You may consult with relevant officials via registration and approval hot line for feed/feed additives business at Tel:++86-010-59191809 (who may prefer Chinese language).


China released the revised Catalogue of Feed Additives

( and you can check whether the four types of food colors are listed on the Appendix of the Catalogue (bilingual version available only for Appendix I ).


Best regards.

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