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Registration of imported feed and feed additives

DATE:2015-11-26       SOURCE:MOA

Dear Sir,


My head company in Europe - Netherlands, we would like to apply for registration of import feed and feed additives to China. 


Would you please kindly tell me that the whole processing of the registration in detail by return email?


1/ We only have overseas registered company license in Netherlands and Hong Kong, do we also need to set up a company in China? 

2/ Or we can use our current overseas company (Netherlands / Hong Kong) for registration directly? 

3/ how many product do you accept for registration at the same time?

4/ how long will it take to finish the whole registration process

5/ what documents do we need to prepare

6/ how much of the registration fee

7/ how much of the import tax fee of meat and bone meal powder

8/ how to contact your head department


Hope to receive valuable reply soon!





Dear Sandor,


Thank you for your enquiry.


I’d like to give you the following suggestions:

First, please make sure that your products are listed on the Catalogue of Feed Materials (  and

or the Catalogue of Feed Additives

(, bilingual version available for Appendix I) issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of China.


Second, regarding data requirements for registration of imported feed and feed additives, you would have answers to questions you mentioned above at (in English).


Third, if your products contain agricultural GMOs, the registration and importation shall be approved by MOA in line with China’s GMOs regulations. You may find relevant laws and regulations at (in Chinese).


Best wishes!


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