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Feed registration

DATE:2015-07-24       SOURCE:MOA

To Whom it May Concern,


We are a stock feed manufacturing business that make horse feed in Australia.


We would like to register our products in China. We need to know where we can find information about “the requirements” to do this registration.


Do we need an address in China to register products?


Thanks in advance for any information or advice that you can give us.




Maria Garcia

Quality Assurance Officer





Ms. Garcia,


Thank you for your enquiry.


I’d like to give you the following suggestions:

First, Please make sure that your products are listed on the Catalogue of Feed Materials ( and or the Catalogue of Feed Additives (, bilingual version available for Appendix I) issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of China.


Second, regarding data requirements for registration of imported feed and feed additives, you can get information at (in English).


Third, if your products contain agricultural GMOs, the registration and importation shall be approved by MOA in line with China’s GMOs regulations. You may find relevant laws and regulations at (in Chinese).


Best wishes!


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