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Approval of GMOs

DATE:2015-07-24       SOURCE:MOA

Dear Sirs, 


I would deeply appreciate your sending me information (detailed Guidelines, Forms or examples) for the submission of requests for approval of GMOs for import into the PRChina. 


While we know the general outlines of the requirements, we would appreciate receiving actual details of the documentation to be submitted in the applications. 


Thank you very much for your kind help.




Moisés Burachik, PhD
Director, Regulatory Affairs




Dear Moisés Burachik,


Thank you for your enquiry.


You may seek general information on data requirements for GMOs import approval at (in English).


For detail guidelines and relevant forms, please download at , only Chinese versions are available. For forms and examples in English, you may enquire whether there are English versions/examples at Tel: 010-59191811 or 010-59191805 or through e-mail to


Best wishes!


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