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GMP Certificate confirmation

DATE:2015-03-04       SOURCE:MOA

Dear Sirs,


I am trying to find in your website where can I confirm that the GMP certificate I have from a veterinary API manufacturer is real and has not beed withdrawn. Can you please send me the link where I can verify this? If there is no link, can you please confirm that Yangzhou Tianhe Pharmaceutical Co ltd is authorised for the manufacture of sulfachloropirazine sodium monohydrate? Thank you





Ms. Hurtado,


Thank you for your enquiry. 


I would like to recommend you the link below: (only Chinese version available). This is the website of National Veterinary Drug Basic Information Database of China. The database offers information extracting service by a range of enquiry items including manufacturer name or GMP Certificate Number or Veterinary Drug Manufacturing License. Since the company in question has only an English translation of its name, with no details like registered name in Chinese or registration number, I cannot give you a confirmation.

You can also seek information from China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control (IVDC) at (only Chinese version available) or contact IVDC through email to at Tel: 010-62103531 or Fax: 010-62103532.


Best wishes!


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