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German Dairy Industry

DATE:2013-09-09       SOURCE:MOA

Dear Sir or Madam,


For delivering dairy products to China, we need to know the Chinese Standards. In general our company has the GB Standards.


Now we have one point we cannot find the Standard for.It is called “Maximum levels of pesticides in animal stuffs” (PRC Ministry of Agriculture Bulletin [2002] No. 235. I have found a GB Standard 2763/2012 which is also “Maximum residue limits for pesticides in food”.Are those the same, or is the GB Standard the new one?Could you send me the actual valid Standard?


Thanks a lot in advance!


With best regards

Karin Schosser






For your information, the two standards you mentioned are not the same. The Announcement No. 235 issued by Ministry of Agriculture in 2002 is the National Standards for Maxium Residue Level of Veterinary Drugs in Food of Animal Origin. The GB Standard 2763/2012 is another national standard jointly issued by Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health in 2012, which regulates pesticide residues in food. Attached is the text and annexes of Announcement No.235 (in Chinese) for your reference.


Thank you!

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