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National Modern Agriculture Development Plan(2011—2015)V

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V. Priority projects

The government will organize a series of priority projects focusing on the most urgent issues, essential areas and the weakest links to provide solid physical foundations for modern agriculture development.

1. Project on High Quality Farmland with Drought and Flood Resistance: Infrastructure construction will be carried out on farmland, including field irrigation and drainage facilities, motor-pumped wells, water-saving and small rain collection facilities, manure treatment facilities, roads, bridge and culverts for mechanized operation, and farmland windbreak networks. Land leveling and soil improvement activities will be carried out. Extension of advanced and practical farming technologies will be accelerated to develop an additional 400 million mu of farmland with high resistance to drought and floods.

2. 50-Million-Ton Project (grain output increment): To achieve this, integrated projects will be implemented in 800 major grain producing counties (municipalities, districts or farms) to build water source and canals for irrigation, construct farmland infrastructure, breed improved varieties,  prevent and alleviate disasters, and develop storage facilities, logistics networks and processing capacity. With these efforts, large-sized national-level production bases will be established step by step and back to back with necessary field facilities, comprehensive service system and adequate storage facilities.

3. Project on Production Base Development for Cotton, Oil Seeds and Sugar Crops: The Project aims at further developing cotton production bases in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, North China Plain, and the Yangtze River Valley, canola production bases in the Yangtze River Valley, peanut production bases in North China Plain, sugar cane production bases in southern China and sugar beet production bases in northern China. Intensive efforts will be made to improve farmland infrastructure,  breeding systems and other supporting facilities to  boost production.

4. A new round of the “Vegetable Basket” Project: Efforts will be intensified in building standardized horticulture bases, enlarging the scale of standardized livestock and poultry farms and aquaculture demonstration farms, and strengthening quality and safety control measures. A group of key national large wholesale markets and regional wholesale markets will be established. Efforts will be made to guide the development of logistics center for high-quality agricultural products and promote E-commerce of agricultural products.

5. Project on Modern Seed Industry Development: The Project will improve the conservation system of genetic resources of crops and livestock, establish database to store plant and animal genetic information, promote researches on biological breeding technology, and establish bio-security systems for genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It will develop national agricultural seed breeding and production bases, improve facilities for variety testing and seeds inspection. It will also provide support to livestock breeding farms, breeder's stock production farms, male breeding animals stations as well as farms for developing new breeds. It will build breeding centers and fine breed reproduction farms for aquaculture

6. Project on Fishery Law Enforcement and Fishing Port Construction: The Project will renovate, expand or construct a group of coastal hub ports for fishing vessels, first-class, and second-class fishing ports, sheltered anchorages and key inland fishing ports; build a group of large fishery law enforcement vessels, strengthen the bases and information system of fishery law enforcement to enhance fishery law enforcement capacity.

7. Project on Animal and Plant Protection: We will further develop the 6-tier animal disease prevention and control system and its technical support system as well as the veterinary drug safety and quality supervision system. We will build a 4-tier pest and disease surveillance, prevention and control system for farm crops, and improve facilities and equipment for surveillance, control, prevention and supervision.

8. Capacity Building Project on Inspection and Testing for Agri-Product Quality and Safety: The Project will renovate or expand testing laboratories, establish an aquatic product quality and safety research center at the ministerial level, build a number of new quality inspection centers at the ministerial level, improve general quality testing inspection centers or stations at the municipal or county level, and establish a national agri-product quality and safety early warning platform.

9. Capacity Building Project on Township-level Agricultural Public Service: The Project will strengthen township or regional public institutions that provide agricultural services including technology extension, animal and plant disease prevention and control, and safety and quality supervision. On that basis, it will further consolidate resources, enhance effectiveness and fill the gaps of services, take local conditions into consideration, and set up appropriate criteria to improve the equipment and facilities for agricultural technology extension, pest and disease prevention and control, agri-product inspection and testing, and farmers' training.

10. Project on Agricultural Mechanization: The Project will provide substantial support to farmers and farmers' cooperatives in purchasing large multi-functional and high-performance agricultural machinery, increase the support to the mechanization of crop straw collection, bundling and returning to fields. Meanwhile, facilities and infrastructure will be enhanced at public institutions responsible for extension, safety supervision and testing of agricultural machinery, as well as the agro-meteorological air station. Support will be given to the development of agricultural machinery service organizations.

11. Project on IT Application in Agriculture: The Project will build a group of information technology demonstration bases in agricultural production and agri-business as well as platforms of comprehensive information services in agriculture. Efforts will also be made to establish a network of comprehensive agricultural information data bases and supporting systems for web-based information services, and conduct demonstration activities on the Internet of Things in agriculture.

12. Rural Biogas Project: The Project aims at accelerating the construction of biogas facilities for households and animal farming communities as well as large and medium biogas projects and improving service and technical supporting system of the biogas industry.

13. Project
on Grassland Conservation and Development: Efforts shall be made to push forward the Project of returning grazing land to grassland, strengthen Beijing and Tianjin sand source control, continue the grassland ecology conservation in “Three-River Source”(in Qinghai province) and other areas. The Project will establish natural grassland reserves and adopt integrated grassland management in southern China, and accelerate the implementation of nomad settlement project. 20 million hectares of grassland will be improved, and 10 million hectares of forage will be planted.

14. Project on the Development of Rural Highly-Competent Personnel: The Project will improve the facilities at agricultural broadcasting and television schools, agricultural vocational schools, agricultural technology extension institutions, training bases for rural skilled workers and agricultural occupational skill testing agencies so as to provide better training services. Business operation and management skill trainings will be given to key members from specialized farmers’ cooperatives, leading agricultural enterprises and agri-product processing enterprises, farmer brokers as well as leading agri-product traders. Technical trainings will be given to highly skilled agricultural workers, farm machinery operators, farmer information collectors and employees of agriculture-related enterprises.
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