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GIAHS Pilot Site 9: Jiaxian Traditional Chinese Date Gardens

DATE:2013-09-06       SOURCE:MOA

Jiaxian Traditional Chinese Date Gardens are one of the earliest jujube cultivation centers in the world, with a community of 1,100 date trees planted one thousand years ago, which deserve conservation for their economic value, ecological functions and lasting culture significance.



Jiaxian county of Shaanxi province is located on the west bank of the Shanxi-Shaanxi Canyon in the middle reach of the Yellow River in northwestern China. As an origin for jujube trees in China, it conserves the whole domestication process of date from wild sour jujube, semi-cultivated sour jujube, cultivated sour jujube to cultivated jujube, as well as rich germplasm resources. In the jujube habitat in Nihegou village, Zhujiawa town of Jiaxian county, the biggest date tree is 3.41 meters in trunk diameter and its over 1,400 years old.


In drought stricken Jiaxian county, jujube trees mean survival and income for the locals. They also prevent sandstorms and conserve water and soil on the sparsely-vegetated loess plateau and slopes along the Yellow River. Now there are 46 varieties of jujube growing in 5,2000 ha of gardens, with Chinese Jujube as the most widely planted and representative variety, which produces high quality big fruit with thin skin, thick flesh, small kernel and freshly red color.


Over years local people have developed a system of jujube-grain intercropping, orchard management and date cultivation and processing techniques and have brought jujube into the local customs, tradition and culture.


Jiaxian Traditional Chinese Date Gardens was designated as GIAHS in 2014.


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