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GIAHS Pilot Site 3: Wannian Traditional Rice Culture System

DATE:2013-07-19       SOURCE:MOA


Wannian County is located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province and southeast of the Poyang Lake, where mountains and hills account for almost 60% of the total area. Wannian traditional rice production system formed based on thousands of years of practice, covering sound variety cultivation and update, sowing or transplanting, field management, harvesting and storage, and fine processing. The system was passed down from generation to generation.



Wannian rice grows in Heqiao Village, Peimei Town, Wannian and cannot be transplanted. With its morphology similar to wild cultivar, it is recognized as cultured wild rice. As a primitive cultivar, it is one of the oldest rice cultivars kept by human. Like Dongxiang rice, the common wild rice distributed in the northern most worldwide, Wannian rice is featured by strong resistance to pests, diseases and stress, and unparalleled tolerance against infertility. Rice remains found in the Fairy Cave and Diaotonghuan Ruins dating back to some 12,000 years ago is an ancient cultivar evolving from wild rice to cultured rice. It domesticates the historical trace, from wild rice, to domesticated Wannian rice and further to current cultured rice. It further proves the time-honored rice production and cultivation history of Wannian.


Wannian Traditional Rice Culture System was recognized as a GIAHS site in 2010.

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