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GIAHS Pilot Site 6: Aohan Dryland Farming System, Inner Mongolia

DATE:2013-07-22       SOURCE:MOA


Aohan County is located in the southeast of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. It is where China’s traditional farming civilization meets grassland civilization. Aohan is home to the Xinglongwa Ruins, known as the First Village of China, and Xinglonggou Ruins, the birthplace of dryland farming. In 2001-2003, archaeologists proved that carbonized grains unearthed from the Xinglongwa Ruins were as old as 7700-8000 years, 2700 years older than those discovered in the Central Europe. This means that they are the oldest cultured millets known to the world. It is therefore concluded that the upstream of the West Liaohe River is the birthplace of both millets and dryland farming in northern China.


Ancient millets have grown in Aohan for 8,000 years, with numerous local millet varieties, such as Chigusi, Chiguba, Chigushi, Shanxi Honggu, and some household varieties. Millets mostly grow in mountains or sand with superior natural environment; and farmyard manure are applied, coupled with biotechnological pest control. It wins the reputation of best miscellaneous grain producer in China for Chifeng and the reputation of best green miscellaneous grain producer to Aohan. Among the respected nutritional millet, Aohan millet has become the product of geographical indication and plays an important role in safeguarding food security and food safety.


Aohan was recognized as the Top 5 Environment Sites in the World in 2002 and Aohan Dryland Farming System was listed as a GIAHS site in 2012.



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