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GIAHS Pilot Site 8: Shaoxing Torreya Grandis cv. Merrillii Community, Zhejiang

DATE:2013-07-24       SOURCE:MOA

Torreya grandis, originated from eastern and southeastern China, is a species of conifer in the Cephalotaxaceae family. It ranks as the second class of species under state protection and has been considered as a valuable economic tree species endemic to China. Kuaiji Mountain, located in Shaoxing City of Zhejiang Province, is the place of origin of Torreya grandis cv. Merrillii and one of its main producing areas. A large number of ancient Torreya grandis cv. Merrillii communities have been well maintained there and regarded as "living specimens" of ancient breeding and grafting techniques. Torreya grandis cv. Merrillii is a cultivar with a history of over 2,000 years.



Seeds are edible and can be made into drugs or pressed oil, and the wood can be used in construction and furniture. It can also be used as an ornamental tree or utilized in the field of environmental protection. A Torreya grandis cv. Merrillii community is both a great ecosystem able to prevent soil erosion and a mountain system with high economic values. Torreya grandis cv. Merrillii has integrated into the life, diet, medicine and marriage of the local people and has formed a distinctive culture.


Shaoxing Torreya Grandis cv. Merrillii Community was identified as a GIAHS site in 2013.

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