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China issues its first policy document for 2013

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BEIJING, Jan. 31 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese authorities Thursday issued its first policy document for 2013, highlighting the significance of developing modern agriculture to strengthen the vitality of rural areas. This is the 10th consecutive year in which the document focused on rural issues.

In the document, Chinese authorities said ensuring grain security and the supply of major farm products will always be a top priority in China's development of modern agriculture

China should never slacken agricultural production, said the document, adding that works should be done to accelerate the development of modern agricultural industry and strengthen both material and technical support for agricultural development.

The country will continue to stabilize and increase grain output by keeping the area of land sown to grain crops stable, improving farm production structure and raising per-unit yields, said the document.

Efforts will be made to strengthen agricultural infrastructures and increase production efficiencies, and the government should implement while further improving "the most strict rules" on farmland protection.

More work should be done to improve irrigation and water conservancy projects, encourage scientific innovation in the agricultural field and enhance intellectual property protection, according to the document.

The government also aims to boost agriculture product circulation by building a modern distribution system and better agricultural retail markets.

China will also accelerate the construction of the market of farm produce futures, and introduce new types of farm produce futures at appropriate times.

To encourage farm production, China will continue to increase the minimum purchase price for wheat and rice and timely launch temporary purchase and storage of corn, soybeans, rape seed, cotton and sugar.

Improvements are required in agricultural market supervision and early-warning systems to better regulate the domestic market, as well as the import and export of agricultural products, said the document.

China will also focus on building a better supervision system on food-safety while preventing pollution in agricultural production and livestock and poultry farming, it added.

In the document, the Chinese authorities also underlined the need to help rural migrant workers become urban residents, calling it an important task for the country's urbanization.

To promote urbanization, especially concerning migrant workers, China will put forward reforms of its household registration system, loosening requirements for obtaining residency permits in small and medium-sized cities and small townships, the document said.

The country also vowed more efforts in providing professional training for migrant workers, ensuring their social security and protecting their rights and interests, according to the document.

Migrant workers should enjoy equal rights and benefits in payments, education of their children, public health, housing and cultural services, the document said. It added that authorities will work to extend basic public services to all permanent residents in cities.

The central government also urged more serious attention be given to the left-behind population, namely children, women and old people in rural areas after their family members go to work in cities.

Local authorities at all levels as well as the public should guarantee the rights and safety of the left-behind population with support, help and care, said the document.

Chinese official data showed that the country's migrant worker population amounted to 253 million by the end of 2011, among which 159 million were working away from their homes.

Source: Xinhua News Agency
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