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Approval to Fishing Permit (Special Concession)

DATE:2013-05-14       SOURCE:MOA

Item Name:

Approval to Fishing Permit (Special [Concession])


Handling approach:

Review and approval


Contents to be reviewed:

1. Qualification of the enterprise or individual fisherman;

2. Fishing purpose;

3. Qualification of the fishing vessels;

4. Qualification of the fishing gears.


Legal basis:

1. Fisheries Law of the People's Republic of China;

2. Implementing Rules for the Fisheries Law of the People's Republic of China;

3. Measures on the Administration of Fishing Permit (Promulgated by Order No. 19 [2002] of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China, revised by Order No. 38 [2004] of the Ministry of Agriculture of China for the first time, and revised by Order No. 6 [2007] of the Ministry of Agriculture of China for the second time);

4. Circular of the Bureau of Fisheries on Preparation for Implementing the System of Minimum Mesh Size for Marine Fishing Nets and Gears (No. 23 [2003] MOA Bureau of Fisheries);

5. Other relevant rules issued by MOA.



1. Review comments made by provincial-level competent fishery authority;

2. Fishing gears and method conform to relevant regulations.

3. Documents required for submission:

(1) Application for Fishing Permit;

(2) Photocopies of Business License of Enterprise Legal Person or certification of household register (The initial acceptance authority is responsible for making sure whether they are identical with respective original ones and stamps with an official seal if so.);

(3) Unexpired Certificate of Inspection and Certificate of Registry (Nationality) granted to the fishing vessel, and Fishing Permit (original copy and photocopy for three documents required);

(4) For teaching and research purpose, non-commercial institutions shall submit project plan which indicates waters to be investigated and researcher list to be aboard the vessel;

(5) Leasing contract or the agreement on cooperation required in case of renting fishing vessels for research or resource investigation (Original ones and photocopies for both required).

4. Other requirements set by MOA.



1. Acceptance of submitted documents.

Administrative Examination and Approval Office of MOA shall preliminarily examine the Application for Fishing Permit and related documents submitted by provincial-level competent fishery authority or agencies directly under the central government.

On-line application shall be filed for preliminary review by National Information System for Marine Fishing Vessels in case of marine fishing.

2. Review.

MOA Bureau of Fisheries shall review the application in accordance with relevant regulations.

3. Approval letter issuance.

A written reply shall be given to the applicant upon final approval from Director-General of Bureau of Fisheries who is entrusted by MOA Minister.

4. Issuance of fishing permit (special [concession]).

The applicant shall go to the competent Bureau of Fisheries Administration with the approval letter issued by MOA to obtain the permit. 


Promised time frame:

15 workdays for the approval letter, and additional 5 workdays for the fishing permit (special [concession]).



Free of charge.


Contact Information

Mail:  To: Fishery Desk

Address: Administrative Examination and Approval Office

Ministry of Agriculture

No.11 Nongzhanguan Nanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Postcode: 100125  


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